#MarriedMondays: Laie Point Cliff Jumping

Last weekend my husband were lucky enough to not have the kids and just go out & be together. My husband asked me what should we go do. Well I really wanted to go cliff jumping with my man.

So I went to the gym that morning, while he went to go put some gas in the car and get snacks. (He is alway so thoughtful!😍)  My mother in law offered to take the babies to church and the beach. So he packed up the beach bags and towels. We all jumped in the car with the top down and dropped off the babies. Then we cruised with old school rap music blasting! Some good ol’ OutKast, & Kanye West music.

We got to Waimea Bay, and went around the backend of the parking lot, put the top up and waited for parking. The most frustrating thing was being next to get a spot and the people walking up gave their stall to the car behind us in line. WTF!! After waiting over 20 minutes to find a parking spot, we bounced!! Parking at Waimea Bay is total luck & it wasn’t our day. So we put the top back down and cruised some more!

We could of totally just went to a beach, but I just had this burning desire to go cliff jumping. The only other place that I knew of was at Laie Point. When I was a teenager I went there and jumped with my relatives that lived here in Hawaii. So I wanted to take my husband there. 

Directions: When you get to Laie, there is a street light right across from the Foodland. You turn up towards the hill. Take the road up and turn right at the end of the road. Then just drive to the end. The point is long and rocky, but the area that you go jump is on the right side of the road. There is a clearing and multiple parts you can jump out.

But the most important thing to look out for is the reef mini lagoon and crack in the cliff that you are going to climb back up, which is in front of the house. So you want to find that so you know where to swim to after you jump into the water. You want to jump well ahead of the mini lagoon looking for a ledge that is more down towards the point that way the ocean will naturally push you towards the reef.

Tips on Jumping: Make sure to jump away from the cliff!! Don’t just jump down cause there is lots of shallow reef along the cliff. And jump into the waves as it comes in, that way it makes the water deeper.

Tips on Getting out the water: So swim to the reef that sticks out in the water in the mini lagoon. The important part is your going to catch a wave to jump onto the reef and stand up. As soon as you are able to stand up just walk along the reef getting away from the water and head start to the crack where you are going to start climbing up the cliff. The reason why you want to get out of the water and away from it as soon as possible is because another wave can come up and throw you back into the ocean and you can get hurt getting reef rash!


When we first got there we walked to the point and I actually had the as a Local Fisher Woman where to jump. When we walked back to house & the clearing, we found some other people that were on the ledge looking out. The local boy said that he jumped there before at night (which never do!! that is super dangerous). He was with some friends from Taiwan who look like they were international students. The Taiwan boy took my pictures of me with his camera. By the way, some people think it might be weird to have others take your pictures, but some people just know that you have an adventure in Hawaii!! And most times there are soo extremely nice and offer to AirDrop it to you, or email it to you. Believe me it’s awesome how thoughtful people can be when they know you cannot take pictures of yourself.

This experience was exhilarating to me!! To be honest, I love the beach and being in the ocean, but being in the open ocean… gives me small time anxiety. Well I knew I was along the cliff so not terrible anxiety. But seriously I wasn’t scared of the jumping, it was the swimming in the ocean not knowing if I was going to touch the reef, or something come swimming up to me.

So I literally was talking to myself in my head to just find peace in the moment. Like how much I really loved swaying the waves. And how small I felt in the ocean make me really appreciate God’s Great Creations! And right after that I told myself okay now swim and get out of the water.

When I got the reef ledge that I had to jump onto I stopped on floated in front of it. Then I caught the wave jumping onto the reef. But the wave was too large and bounce off the walls in the mini lagoon and pulled me backwards head first back into the water scrapping my shoulder on the reef. I had to keep my head straight because I literally was worried I was going to get pounded against the reef. All I saw was white water all around. It didn’t throw me around so I just swam up. As soon as the next wave came I rode a smaller wave to jump onto the ledge and walked straight to the cliff to start climbing. When I was going to start climbing there were a bunch of crabs roaming in my way.

I thought Christian was going to jump in right after me, but he actually stayed up in the cliff and came to the ridge and climb down to make sure to help me climb up. (see I told you he is thoughtful). As soon as we both got back up on the cliff, he told me how proud he was of me. And then he said “I want to jump!” I was like “Do it babe!” So we walked back to the ledge and he jumped off too!! It will be an experience that we shared together.

Even though we both only jumped once and had to get back home, we both felt beyond excited that we did something that many people fear. We saw many other people go stand on the ledge but never jumped. Be Brave and do something that scares you!

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