So I’m always interested in the stories about how couples met? Was it by accident, through a friend, high school lovers, through college, through dance class, etc.

Well today I thought I could share my version (cause Christian’s version is different) about how we met because really it was me that found him. 

So basically when I was going to college at University of Hawaii at Manoa, I loved going out on the weekends to the club because I loved to dance and meet new people. I used to go almost every weekend. That night I had caught a ride with one of my friends Paul and his boys who were all football players. We went out to Pipeline, which used to be one of the biggest and hottest clubs in Honolulu back then. It had the main room with a large dance floor and stage and then smaller room that had pool tables, lounge chairs and small dance floor. Everyone had their preference back then because the big room was more variety of dance music while the small room catered more to the military people because the DJ in that room would play real hip hop that they knew the music to.

That night I didn’t feel like dancing that much so I mainly stood next to the boys that way it looked like I wasn’t available and guys wouldn’t hit on me. When I was hanging out listening to music dancing on the wall by pool tables, I noticed I guy I had never seen before. Mind you I went to the club enough to know the regulars there. Back in the day I was super confident about approaching guys, and I rarely like when the guys approached me. I watched him throughout the night making sure he met my criteria in a man. I know it’s weird, but these were required for my standards.

My list:

  • Had to have style from head to toe
  • Drink in his hand (so I knew he wasn’t broke)
  • Didn’t hit on a bunch of women ( he would talk to girls but he wasn’t up on them so I could tell they were just his friends he knew)
  • Wasn’t dancing in the middle of the dance floor all night (those guys need too much attention)

This guys met everything on my list plus he was super hot!! LOL. (Sometimes I always wonder if people think of their partner as hot when they first met them or did it grow on them)

Well by the time I thought about approaching this guy it was the end of the night and the DJ said “Goodnight drive home safe” and the lights came on. Everyone started to walk out. But I told myself that I was probably NEVER going to see this man ever again cause he didn’t seem like the clubbing type. So I built up the courage to walk up to him (even though I think he was talking to a guy or maybe even a girl). I said something like this “Hey I’m Natalie and I was wondering if I could get your number?” He looked at me bewildered and surprised then smiled. Then he gave me this number (so happy I didn’t get shut down, cause that would have been embarrassing). After that I left with my boys since they were my ride.

The rest is history! We actually didn’t get together for the first 2 years. Mainly because we were both the type of people that believed who ever I was going to give that title (boyfriend/girlfriend) would have to be someone I could potentially be married to. So we grew as friends first and fell in love later.

The picture at the top is after we officially started dating and he was my escort to my BBG Sorority Debutant Ball back in April 2009. It’s been basically 10 years that we have been down for each other!! Sometimes I cannot believe we have been together so long! Now we are married with 2 amazing girls.

Let me know in the comments below the story of how you met your partner!

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