Thanks for coming to my Blog! This blog is first to share information about what you can do with your kids & family activities in Hawaii. And YES it's also romantic to share experiences with your Husband or boyfriend. I will share recommendations and experiences of exploring the Hawaiian Islands. Our family mainly loves to go to the beach, hiking, shop & eat great food! I want to help mothers (and fathers too) be more educated what you can do so you can better plan your vacation before coming to Hawaii.

Now I because this is a #MomBlog I will be talking and sharing my experiences about being Married, Mom Life, Fitness Journey, & also Self Love & Empowerment. Those are just some topics that I strive to be better at everyday, I'm not perfect but I just want to share my thoughts and would love you do add to the conversation in the comments!

I'm just a girl that was born in Phoenix, Arizona but raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Since I was a teenager I always dreamed of dancing Hula & Tahitian in Hawaii, then meeting the Man of my Dreams! Who can relate? Well I came to Honolulu, Hawaii for school, danced professionally in Waikiki. I asked for my husbands number and we feel in LOVE young, became best friends, got Married and now have two Gorgeous Daughters. I really love living in Hawaii! I feel like myself and it makes my family happy and blessed.

Some random facts: My mind goes everywhere and I hope with this Blog I hope to let it go and connect with other women. Things I Love: Representing my Culture through Dance. I love teaching dance as well, and hope to start teaching again. I can dance Native American Sign Language, Samoan, Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian. I love being creative through crafts, sewing, photography, scrapbooking, & decorating planners. I love learning more about Self love, Empowerment, Business, Marriage by listening to Podcasts & Audiobooks while driving to work. If you feel like we relate connect to me on Instagram or Facebook!