FitMom Journey: Gym Time = Girls Time

I just wanted to share some thoughts about my Fitness Journey. I’ve been back in Hawaii for one year & I cannot believe it! The one thing that I decided to change in my life if my health and becoming more fit.

Can I first share the real reason why I said “That’s it!! I cannot be like this any more!”

Well it actually came from Shopping! After I delivered Destiny, I waited a few months for the water weight to go down before shopping. But none of my clothes fit so I had to buy clothes to fit how big I was. I get it. We are not going to miraculously look and be the same weight before everyone has babies. In another post I’ll share my weight experience with being pregnant.

But let’s just say that one day while trying on clothes, I started to realize that as much as I want to get clothes that flatter my body, in my head nothing was flattering to me cause no matter what I put on all I could see was a body that I wasn’t personally attracted to. Cause in my head I had a flat stomach, tight butt and all that but in the mirror, I didn’t see any of that.

I took a hard look at myself and told my self that I cannot complain about how I look cause I allowed myself to get here. I allowed myself to let my body go and not care. And I know venting to my husband was not even an option cause I would hear about “I told you so.” So rather than whine about it, do something about it.

It was no easy doing something that makes you uncomfortable. I told myself that I had to go to the gym three times a week. Even if I didn’t push myself super hard at least I did something.

When I wanted to quit, I would have to tell myself “You didn’t gain all this weight overnight, so your not going to lose it overnight either!”

That’s exactly what I would tell myself, which would allow me to give myself grace and love. And I would keep pushing through pumping through high energy music, usually lots of Beyonce! I switch my goal of going to the gym at least 5 times a week after listening to a podcast by Tony Robbins. He said something like “If I were to ask everyone in the audience who work out 5 days a week to please stand up, you could just look at them and tell by how fit they look that they work out 5 days a week.” I have no idea why that resonated with me, but all I could think about was I wanted to be one of those people that could say “yes I work out 5 days a week” and you could tell by how I look. I had set this new expectation on myself. It’s not like a have a dedicated fitness plan, I just started going that amount of days.

I started to realize on the days that I didn’t go I actually felt more tired and lazy. And even my baby started to get used to the idea of going basically everyday to the gym that when we don’t go in the morning, she is really thrown off her whole mood. She is super moody, her naps are thrown off, and her sleep is thrown off too. Even if I go to the gym in the evening, it throws her off.

Going to the gym is not only for me, its for my baby too. She loves going to hang out with her aunties in Kids Club. She gets her own break from mommy and daddy yelling at her. She gets to be a rascal with all the other kids. They love her so much. They have see her grow from just crawling to walking to running and climbing on furniture. I get two hours to myself by dropping her off and then when I pick her up she is ready to go home and take a long nap.

My point that I’m trying to share is JUST GO! Just show up.

And you go enough times that when you don’t go to the gym, your body misses it. I would say it took me over 5 months of going regularly before I actually started craving my trip to the gym. If it has taught me anything, it’s that this experience has shown me that I can start something and complete it. Just start with the first step.

It being about one and half year since having Destiny, I haven’t lost extreme amount of weight. I actually have lost 15 lbs and am the same weight as before I got pregnant. I way be the same weight but I can tell I’m stronger, faster, more active than before. Right now I’m much more happy that my body is shaping the way I want and imagine it to be. Still have much more work to do, but I have been able to love myself because I know how much work physically, mentally, spiritually I done to become a much better woman.

How We Met #MarriedMonday

So I’m always interested in the stories about how couples met? Was it by accident, through a friend, high school lovers, through college, through dance class, etc.

Well today I thought I could share my version (cause Christian’s version is different) about how we met because really it was me that found him.  (more…)

McArthur Tribe

Loving this photo we took in front of the Laie, Temple. It’s the same design as the Mesa Temple in Arizona. Might need to come back during the Christmas season.

Cliff Jumping at Laie Point #MarriedMondays

#MarriedMondays: Laie Point Cliff Jumping

Last weekend my husband were lucky enough to not have the kids and just go out & be together. My husband asked me what should we go do. Well I really wanted to go cliff jumping with my man.

So I went to the gym that morning, while he went to go put some gas in the car and get snacks. (He is alway so thoughtful!😍)  My mother in law offered to take the babies to church and the beach. So he packed up the beach bags and towels. We all jumped in the car with the top down and dropped off the babies. Then we cruised with old school rap music blasting! Some good ol’ OutKast, & Kanye West music.



#MarriedMondays instead of #MCM

When you are Married you don’t need #MCM cause your #MCM is (or should be) the same every week. So instead I want people that are married doesn’t matter if your the husband or wife to share pictures on Instagram and Twitter #MarriedMondays and also tag me @IslandDivaMom & use also the #IDMMarried

I feel that Marriage is maintained by the small actions and commitment that we have for each other. Every Monday is a new week for everyone. When your marriage is strong, self love and relationship with God is great everything else will fall into it’s place and time. It makes your kids happier and more confident.

I posted this picture of a simple text from my husband on Instagram. Go check it out!


Back to School!

Is anyone else excited for their kids to go to school?? Like being really honest…I am. I read on Instagram and Facebook of some mothers get sad for their kids to go to school. Me….I love that my daughter is beyond excited to go back to school. She is so smart, and driven that she loves how school challenges her mind and she always makes new friends. Regardless I’m just going to wish my baby Beautiful a great year in 1st Grade!!!

May you continue to grow in knowledge, wisdom, patience, and kindness!! Go Bubu!!

Bring Your Reusable Bags to Hawaii!!

If you are coming to Hawaii either bring your reusable bags or just buy some great bags from Hawaii and take them back home! Just to let you know grocery stores now charge about 10 cents a bag for plastic bags. Every now and then I love to purchase the Foodland bags. They are super unique to Hawaii. As you can see the one on the right obviously was from the Christmas Holidays. While the other one on the left is the infographic of the Poke Bowl which is really popular in the Island Culture. I have these two large bags because the handles are super sturdy. I usually put a gallon of milk and POG in one bag. And then I use a punch of other Walmart and Target bags. The only place that I know of that doesn’t charge for giving you plastic bags that I know of would happen to be at the Commissary which is the Grocery Store on Base for Military families.

Regardless its great to know that Hawaii is doing all that it can to reduce waste on the islands.

If you seen other great reusable bags from Hawaii go ahead and tag me on Instagram or Twitter @IslandDivaMom

Welcome to My Blog!

Hey thanks for coming to my blog!! I hope to be able to share new information about things you can do in Hawaii with your family with kids!! If you don’t know or haven’t read my About page, I’m married with two kids. I’m not from the islands but I want to explore it and share that with you. So check it out!!