How We Met #MarriedMonday

So I’m always interested in the stories about how couples met? Was it by accident, through a friend, high school lovers, through college, through dance class, etc.

Well today I thought I could share my version (cause Christian’s version is different) about how we met because really it was me that found him.  (more…)

McArthur Tribe

Loving this photo we took in front of the Laie, Temple. It’s the same design as the Mesa Temple in Arizona. Might need to come back during the Christmas season.

Back to School!

Is anyone else excited for their kids to go to school?? Like being really honest…I am. I read on Instagram and Facebook of some mothers get sad for their kids to go to school. Me….I love that my daughter is beyond excited to go back to school. She is so smart, and driven that she loves how school challenges her mind and she always makes new friends. Regardless I’m just going to wish my baby Beautiful a great year in 1st Grade!!!

May you continue to grow in knowledge, wisdom, patience, and kindness!! Go Bubu!!