Cliff Jumping at Laie Point #MarriedMondays

#MarriedMondays: Laie Point Cliff Jumping

Last weekend my husband were lucky enough to not have the kids and just go out & be together. My husband asked me what should we go do. Well I really wanted to go cliff jumping with my man.

So I went to the gym that morning, while he went to go put some gas in the car and get snacks. (He is alway so thoughtful!😍)  My mother in law offered to take the babies to church and the beach. So he packed up the beach bags and towels. We all jumped in the car with the top down and dropped off the babies. Then we cruised with old school rap music blasting! Some good ol’ OutKast, & Kanye West music.



#MarriedMondays instead of #MCM

When you are Married you don’t need #MCM cause your #MCM is (or should be) the same every week. So instead I want people that are married doesn’t matter if your the husband or wife to share pictures on Instagram and Twitter #MarriedMondays and also tag me @IslandDivaMom & use also the #IDMMarried

I feel that Marriage is maintained by the small actions and commitment that we have for each other. Every Monday is a new week for everyone. When your marriage is strong, self love and relationship with God is great everything else will fall into it’s place and time. It makes your kids happier and more confident.

I posted this picture of a simple text from my husband on Instagram. Go check it out!